Resume Templates

First we have the contemporary resume template. This is a basic resume template which is most noted for its simplistic layout. This is a good resume template to use if you’re unsure which one is best and is suitable for just about any job.

Second we have the elegant resume template. This resume template is, as the name suggests, far more elegant. This resume template would be most suited to artistic jobs such as architects, interior designers and models.

Finally we have the professional resume template. This resume template has a much more professional look, making it freeresumetemplate.nets most recommended resume. This resume template is most suited to jobs such as engineering, managing, marketing and military. This resume works very well if you have a lot of experience and if you need lots of fields to enter all of your past employment experience.

Writing Your Resume

Remember that a well written resume will increase your chances of landing the job. Here are some general tips that will help you write a better resume:

  • Less is more; don't fill the resume with unrelated information. Only enter previous employment experience from similar roles to the one you are applying for e.g. If you are applying for a nursing job it does not make sense to put down experience you obtained from a fast food restaurant.
  • Use important keywords. For example if you are a computer programmer and you are looking for a job in that field, use keywords like C++, SQL and Visual Basic so the employer will get a better idea of what you are capable of.
  • Be very specific about previous job duties. Don’t just write down what you were expected to do, write down those skills and jobs which were over and above the call of duty.
  • Keep your resume clear, short and simple as this will give the employer a more structured view on your abilities.
  • Check spelling and grammar, there is nothing worst than having a resume with spelling mistakes because errors like these could lose you the job.
  • Write down ALL your skills. It’s not only experience from previous jobs which can be useful but life experience counts for a lot.
  • Do NOT lie in your resume. It will be of no use to you to lose you’re job after only a week because you cannot achieve what is expected of you.
  • Go online and find similar resumes. You can always pick up new tips to make you’re resume that much more improved.
  • Highlight your company achievements. If you were employee of the month put this in your resume.