Resume Objectives

Objectives are basically introductions to your resume which employers use to decide if they want to read through your resume in more detail. A well written objective will grab the attention of potential employers, giving you that all important good first impression. A badly written objective will often ensure your resume ends up in the trash without even being read.

A resume objective should be short and to the point, never more than a few sentences or bullet points. Included in your resume objective should be all the information specific to the job you are applying for, meaning every objective you write needs to be unique. When you write your resume objective, re-read it several times over, editing out any words which aren’t needed.

When you are writing your resume, an objective is not always needed and can in fact hinder your chances in some cases. It all depends on whether or not you are applying for one specific job or applying for a general position within a company. If you are applying for a specific job, an objective can be extremely useful as it lets the employer know exactly what you are capable of within a few lines. If you are applying for a general position on the other hand, an objective can be a little too specific. You may well be perfect for one position but if you write on objective targeted towards another position, you may not even get considered for the other one.

Writing Objectives

  • There are two main ways of writing your objective; Bullet point or sentence structure.
  • Keep your objective short and to the point.
  • Your primary goal with your resume objective will be to emphasize and summarize your major qualifications and skills, specific to the job applied for.
  • You should point out the position being applied for.
  • What are the company’s professional goals and what makes you skilled enough to complete them.

These are the most important things that your resume objective needs to have. Remember, your objective is one of the most important parts of your resume. When an employer reads your resume this is one of the first parts that they will read and if the objective is not good enough, they may read no more.

Your resume objective needs to be very professional, clear and with no spelling or grammatical errors. It needs to communicate to the employer your main objectives for the job that you are seeking.

Example Objectives

Here are a few example objectives to guide you but remember, every objective should be unique:

Bullet Point Objectives:

  • Position as a Computer Programmer
  • Experience in C++, SQL and Visual Basic
  • Expand product development
  • Management Position
  • Project management, staff recruitment and leadership skills
  • Improve customer and staff satisfaction

Sentence Structure Objectives:

Computer Programmer at ‘Xyz Company’ utilizing C++, SQL and Visual Basic experience to expand product development.

Obtain a Management position using project management, staff recruitment and leadership skills to improve customer and staff satisfaction.